Close Your Mouth

The thing is, she didn’t ask for his opinion. She doesn’t need him to post on social media his approval or disapproval of her makeup routine. And he’s assuming a lot about why she’s even putting makeup on at all. Because of the media? Maybe she’s putting it on because she likes it. I could … More Close Your Mouth


Concord Mall

I spent a couple of hours at Elkhart’s Concord Mall today. This is a mall near to my heart. I cannot count the hours I spent there, the happy times, the ears pierced, the popcorn eaten, the stickers bought. Not now, anyway. … More Concord Mall

Winter Moon

I think that would a good album title for vaguely holiday-ish but not overtly Christmas music.  Anyway, here’s a picture I took.  

From Exuberance to Irony: “Walking on Sunshine” in Film

Written for grad school in 2009, this piece is a fun look at how one song has endured through twenty-five plus years and scores of use in various media.         Kicky drums and tambourine open the song, beating out a sense of excitement about what’s to come. Almost any listener knows the song … More From Exuberance to Irony: “Walking on Sunshine” in Film